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Judy Henry Massey


When you buy a book from an author you are buying more than a story.  You are buying numerous hours of work and rewrites.  You are buying moments of frustration and moments of sheer joy.  You are not buying just a book.  You are buying someone’s dream, something they delight in sharing, a piece of their heart, a piece of their soul and a small piece of their life.

Anais Nin once said, “we write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection.”

Everyone has a story to tell.  BCPG listens to Authors and assists them in fulfilling their goal of having their work published.  With so many options offered in today’s environment, being part of an Author’s dream of publishing is a privilege we both appreciate and respect. Our group of talented professionals will work diligently to achieve the unique vision each Author has for their individual work.

With the advancement of technology, the traditional image of publishing has evolved. Submitting your manuscript to the large publishing houses, to be repeatedly rejected can be frustrating and discouraging. As a result, having an unknown Author’s work reviewed is a formidable task that can often take years, if ever.

Black Creek Publishing Group offers an alternative solution. When you consider the advantages of allowing us to assist in publishing, you will find you will make more money, get to press sooner, and maintain control and copyrights of your work.

Let our team of professionals transform your manuscript from an idea to a published work. We will use your input to custom design your book while maintaining your unique vision.

Just as distinctive as each manuscript, so the publication needs of an Author may be. We offer a comprehensive list of services to meet the individual needs of the Author. Contact us today, and let’s get started bringing your dream of publishing into a reality.

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