Brent Barker – Author of “Cray”

I would like to thank Judy Henry Massey, and Black Creek Publishing Group for taking my bucket of words, and helping me create the story I so desperately wanted to tell. Judy and her team were easy to work with, and made the process an enjoyable experience.  Black Creek Publishing Group has recently begun working on my next book.


Dave Collins – Author of “Known & Loved”

 I love working with Judy.  I believe her passion matches my own in making my work available to readers. She is easy to work with as an Editor, and creative in her suggestions.


Carolyn G author photo to crop

Carolyn Hughes Goad – Author of “Stories From My Mother”

I would like to thank Judy Henry Massey for the great work she did in publishing my book.   She took my ideas, listened, and turned my thoughts into a beautifully crafted book.   I appreciate the fine work of Judy and her staff.  I highly recommend the services of Black Creek Publishing Group.


Katie Hemphill – Author of “Sacrifice – Vol. 1 of the Chronicles of the Dark Blood” & Soon to be released “Revival” Vol. 2

of the Chronicles of the Dark Blood”

Judy has taught and guided me from book one, and now onto the second in the series.  If it hadn’t been for her patience and desire to help me improve my writing ability, I doubt I would be enjoying the success of my first book “Sacrifice.”  Thank you for all you do. I look forward to finishing the series with you.


Robert Reich – Author of “Real Treasure” and “Old Mill”

Judy Henry Massey and Black Creek Publishing Group have made our dreams come true.  We were able to get not one, but two books published at the same time.  Judy’s patience with first timers, and her eye for detail turned our “homemade books” for the family to “real books” for everyone to enjoy. 



Ken Lee Massey – Author of “The Texas Marauders & The Yellow Rose”,”The Captain’s Rose and the Ghost Riders of Bataan”, “Lily’s Prayers”, “The Savage Way”, “The Mission”, “If The Creek Could Speak”, “Jeb and Rose back to Texas”

I had no reservations in working with my wife on my books.  She has been very patient and encouraging at each step of the publishing process.  I am not sure I would have begun writing my books without her encouragement. Her eye for detail and skill impresses me daily.

JudyTreat picture - cropped2

Judy Treat – Author of “Here’s My Heart”

This book is in your hands because Judy Massey believed in it enough to work it through with me.  She became my publisher, and very special friend in the interim.  Without God in my life, it never would have been a reality.