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Author of “Known & Loved”

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Following graduation from The University of Houston in 1972, Dave married his college sweetheart Sharon.  Soon after, he began his career as a football coach in Houston.  He soon discovered his heart’s desire was to influence young men’s lives as a friend and mentor.  He joined the staff at Young Life ministries.  After 13 years with the Houston staff,  he moved and directed the staff of Young Life Austin, and later served in Costa Rica 5 years.

After 29 years of service,  Dave left Young Life to minister to businessmen through The Gathering of Men. He currently serves as a mentor and friend to men in Texas, and friend to missionaries in Latin America through Kingdom Calling Ministries.   

His family is his joy.  Each grandchild has him wrapped around his or her fingers.  His children, Kayla and Aaron, learned how to do that at a young age.  They are now passing that skill on to their spouses, as well.   Dave loves to play golf, and often finds he encourages his playing partners, because almost everyone beats him.  Dave is an artist and loves to paint God’s creation.  God’s creativity and beauty enthrall him, inspiring him as an artist.  You can see paintings and work at www.davecollinsart.com.