Author – The Man Inside

Judy is a native Houstonian and fifth generation Texan currently residing on the east coast.  She began writing at a young age.  She has written and published short stories, poetry, and is currently working on two books.  She was inspired to write “The Man Inside” when a series of difficult events in her life caused her to re-examine some of her formerly held thoughts.  She writes, “it is often easier to see the bold overview of someone’s life, and miss the definitive details that often create circumstances affecting a person’s character and personality.  What is experienced in life can often leave scars across the heart and mind, changing the direction of a person’s life from what they could have been to what they become.  If it is that way with minor traumatic events, then how much more is it for some inmates with more seriously traumatic events? From these events opinions are made, judgments are formed, without knowledge of all circumstances.”  It is her hope in writing “The Man Inside”, that we will make room for more understanding of each other with less judgment.

The collection of work is written by inmates in a Texas prison. Their words in the work may be coarse at times, and elementary at others.  However, there is no mistaking the raw emotion in their work showing the common threads that bind us all…..love, fear, hate, pride, disappointment, guilt, and loss.  This glimpse into the hearts and creative minds of incarcerated men in a Texas Prison, hopefully, will provoke the reader to think and examine the concept of  “them” in their own lives.  A portion of the proceeds from the book is donated in the name of each inmate contributor to the Victim’s Relief Fund.

Below are a few comments from letters she received from a few of the contributing inmates to “The Man Inside”:

“How do I begin to tell you how much you have blessed me by believing what I have to say is as important as anyone else? You have inspired me to take back control of my life.  I am already inspired to start new writing projects. I now have something to be proud of.  I am proud to be part of your work.”

Lyle B.

“I want to thank you with all my heart for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful project. You have given me a way to be remembered as a poet and writer, a real person, with real feelings and not just an inmate. You have motivated me to write more.  Again, thank you for giving “them” a name and a chance to be human.”

Glen M.

“Thanks so much for allowing me to be part of your project.  I tip my hat to you.  I am just so elated.  Thanks again, Judy, for a job well done.  You are truly a blessing to us and society.” Thank you for helping others to see us as more than inmates.

Eddie T.

You have begun a movement here giving some the belief they can make the step to believe in something good again. One man came to me with tears in his eyes and said that what you were doing is life changing for him.  He never knew anyone on the outside would ever care about them again. You are a blessing to so many here.

Shawn B.

“I just wanted to say thank you for publishing our work.  If nothing ever happens again for us, we can be proud of our work in your book.”

Vernie M.


Below are several reviews of THE MAN INSIDE found on amazon.com

The MAN INSIDE, was not the book I expected. It was far better. When I purchased the book, I was thinking of a book with a single story. What I got was a book with many stories, about the lives of hardened criminals who were in prison. It showed the other side of the prison door. A VERY GOOD READ

I have always thought of prisoners as “them”. I now have a totally different perspective about “them”. They are articulate, talented, deep thinking people just like you and me that have made some bad choices in life. But for the Grace of God we too might be in their shoes. I want to thank the author for allowing me a glimpse into the minds and hearts of people that I will never again have a preconceived idea of.

The man inside is an interesting book, it reads well and I highly recommend it to all that are inquisitive and would like to read good stories.

Today I read the book The Inside Man. I must admit, I first judged this book by its cover. I thought it would be a bleeding heart, writing to make the reader feel guilty about the poor broken prison inmate. Instead, I found a place of redemption, hope, and encouragement for both the contributors and the reader. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever made a mistake, looked for hope, or needed encouragement.

Interesting. The words and sentiments of the inmates were not what I expected. Some have achieved redemption in themselves and some are still searching. This book is a very good read and very insightful and full of hope.

This book The Man Inside by Judy C. Henry brought me into a world that I never thought about. “Those people”, being inmates are more than that. The author was able to capture men who are truly rehabilitating their lives. By giving these men a voice and allowing them to express their thoughts gave these men a freedom that they may not had in many years. With each piece from each man I found myself envisioning the world from their perspective and at the end of each one praying that each of the Men gained clarity and grew emotionally stronger with every word that was written.