Sacrifice Cover



Author of “Sacrifice” Vol. 1 of The Dark Blood Chronicles

& soon to be released “Revival” Vol. 2 of The Dark Blood Chronicles

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Katie Hemphill was born in Katy, Texas.  She began writing  “Sacrifice – Vol. 1 of The Dark Blood Chronicles” her freshman year of high school, but quit writing after the third chapter.   Two years later,  she was inspired to complete the work when a friend was playing around on her computer and saw the file.  She read  the portion she had written, and immediately began pleading with her to finish the story because she simply needed to know what happened next.  Her now completed book “Sacrifice” Vol. 1 has been a smashing success with readers eagerly waiting the next installment – “Revival Vol. 2 of The Dark Blood Chronicles.”

Katie’s studied history in college because she is enthralled with storytelling.  She says that is how she looks at history; it is one long interesting story.   She will  become an Aunt the end of 2013.  She is very excited about that!  Katie is extremely close with her family, and says she wouldn’t know what to do without them. They have always encouraged and inspired her to to write and explore her fertile imagination.

When she is not not writing or working, she enjoys watching the Walking Dead,  and any new horror movies that are out.