When a Texan gives his word, he is honor bound to abide by those words.  Not even the fear of death, or the love of a good woman can make him break that oath.  From the chaos of the Civil War, a man must make the decision of honoring his word or the woman he has a burning love for.  Out of Texas, men forged from the anvils of hell ride behind enemy lines sowing fear and destruction on the Union Army.  To these Texans war is not hell, but merely a way of life.  For the soldiers sent to stop them, war is hell.  The ones they have been ordered to stop are demons on horses sent from the depths of hell.  This is an epic story of war, the bond between friends, the brotherhood formed from  the ravages of war, an a timeless love story that will live eternally.

Reviews of the book:

Jim Bray is a Civil War re-enactor traveling all over the U.S.   Jim’s comments regarding the book are below.


I have to tell you and especially Ken, I hope his next book is half as good as this one. I was truly enchanted by the story and the writing style.


In Service Major Jim Bray

11th Texas Calvary Dism.

Exec. Officer

Texas Brigade



Hope you write many more Ken.

November 5, 2014

Ken remained true to his writing style in his second book.  I enjoy the adventure, story, and, style of his writing.  I highly recommend his books to anyone with a love of Texas, and romance.

Best always Ken,

Jim Bray

December 15, 2014

Ken’s third book is amazing, and may be my favorite one yet.  Who knows, when his stories get more and more interesting what he will write next.  I sincerely recommend Ken Lee Massey’s books to anyone that enjoys adventure.

Jim Bray


 After the fall of Bataan, there were still American soldiers and nurses that refused to surrender to the tyranny of the Japanese Army. This is a story of one such group that carried on a guerrilla war in the Philippines. A story of love between men and women that refused to give up against insurmountable odds.

This is in honor of the men and women who fought in the Battle of Bataan that sacrificed so much for freedom.




Lily was a beautiful young nurse.  Joe was a weathered, yet handsome, warrior…..wild and untamed.  One saved lives.  The other took lives.  Destiny brought these two together to create a passionate love more powerful than the war blazing around them.  This is a story of the horrors of war, and the beauty of love between a man and a woman.


If The Creek Could Speak

Texas Ranger Captain Charles Brandt took an oath to save the Texas settler’s lives from Comanche raids. On one of these missions, he and his men came upon five men and women in trouble. They depended on these men to protect them from the two hundred Comanche committed to killing every white man they found. It was in the dry creek bed these men and women found to be their salvation. Against insurmountable odds, they defended themselves.

If the creek could speak, it would tell a tale of bravery, death, and of love between extraordinary men and women in extraordinary circumstances.



Ken is a fifth generation Texan from a long line of men and women that served our country.   His Great- Great Grandfather was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War.

His Grandfather was a soldier and an interpreter in WWI because of his German heritage, and his ability to speak fluent German.  His Grandmother was a WAC in WWII.

His father was a soldier in Normandy to the end of the war.   His son Clayton, was a U.S. Marine.

After forty plus years apart, he married his high school love. Judy is also a fifth generation Texan. In their blended family they have five children, and ten grandchildren.



1840s Texas was a land of opportunity for the men and women who came to this new frontier. Texas was also a lawless and savage land. It would take good men to tame this wild and untamed land. It could only be done “The Savage Way”. This is a story of the extraordinary men and one woman that confronted the evil men that made Texas the untamed land it was. It is a story of love lost, and love found, in a savage land.



When a Texan makes a promise, and shakes on it, that promise must be honored. A beautiful, young nurse grips the dying warrior’s hand screaming out to him “Jeb, you are not going to die on me! I made a promise I wouldn’t let you die, and shook your hand. So, you cannot die.” Rose made that promise and shook Jeb’s hand. The promise was sacred.  Jeb did live after all others thought he would surely die.

This is a continuing love story that had no beginning and no end. Leaving one war behind, Jeb and Rose ride back to Texas only to find themselves in another war that had to be fought.