Steve Sherman’s dream was to take his creativity in a new and different direction  He wanted to write.  His first novel “The Kornelimunster Factor” is a suspense filled novel.  The beautiful artwork on the cover of his book was drawn by his father.  This made his first novel even more special to him.  Sadly, Steve passed away a month prior to his publication date.  He never got to hold his book in his hand, but you can.  I read once that when you buy a book from an author you are buying more than a story.  You are buying numerous hours of work and rewrites.   You are buying moments of frustration and moments of sheer joy.  You are not buying just a book.  You are buying someone’s dream, something they wanted to share with you, something they delight in sharing, a piece of their heart, and a small piece of their life.  Such is the case with Steve.  His first and only book had a sketch his drawn by his father.  He built a story around that village his father sketched, weaving a story of intrigue and murder that would capture your heart and mind.  He did precisely that with The Kornelimunster Factor.

On a personal note, Steve Sherman was a friend of mine from Spring Woods High School.  He was such a kind person, and always made me laugh.  He will be missed by so many, and never forgotten.  Rest in peace, dear friend.  Your story lives on.